Simply choose the length of time you would like your massage and prepare to be whisked away into deep relaxation and recovery.  Your massage therapist will assess your concerns and address them with any number of modalities-from swedish and deep tissue to thai massage, reiki, or craniosacral therapy.



Here is a list of our services and prices


  • 15 Minutes


  • 30 Minutes


  • 60 Minutes


  • 90 Minutes
This massage is geared for a busy mind and body. Drift away as the stress is melted from your neck and shoulders.
Sore muscles from athletics, work, or injury are addressed with perfect pressure.
This is an excellent maintenance massage. Lighter and deeper pressure along with stretching is used to give your body a full tune up.
Synchronized 1 hour $220
Two massage therapists work in unison with rhythmic, synchronized motions. This massage feels like pure indulgence, but is the most efficient delivery method of massage for your entire body; designed to improve circulation, detoxify, and calm the nervous system.
Massage Time price Appointments
Relax 15 Minutes $29.00 Appointment
Relax 30 Minutes $49.00 Appointment
Relax 60 Minutes $99.00 Appointment
Relax 90 Minutes $149.00 Appointment
Recover 15 Minutes $29.00 Appointment
Recover 30 Minutes $49.00 Appointment
Recover 60 Minutes $99.00 Appointment
Recover 90 Minutes $149.00 Appointment
Renew 15 Minutes $29.00 Appointment
Renew 30 Minutes $49.00 Appointment
Renew 60 Minutes $99.00 Appointment
Renew 90 Minutes $149.00 Appointment
Reflexology w/o service Appointment
Reflexology w/service Appointment


Here is a list of services we provide


Whether you are new to massage or a seasoned spa veteran, your time on the massage table will be transforming.  Stretching, perfect pressure, and educated hands work together to restore your mind and body.

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Every facial is customized for your skin type and condition by a highly educated esthetician. Add on an exfoliating peel, reflexology or full extractions for an enhanced experience. Click Here!


Our estheticians are experts at mitigating the painful part of waxing. You can expect a thorough, speedy waxing as well as a few moments of relaxation to ease you back into your day. Click Here!